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Our mission with the Hollywood Music Workshop

Each year for an entire month we provide the opportunity to meet with and learn from top HOLLYWOOD FILM MUSIC experts so you can study with the Créme de la Créme of HOLLYWOOD’s FILM SCORING professionals and take your skills to the next level.

OUR MISSION is about
talented composers from around the world together & providing them with top notch film music composition courses. Over the years HMW has supported countless students on their journey towards being a composer, arranger, or orchestrator for filmmusic.

Under the guidance of the most experienced & succesful composers,orchestrators & arrangers in the film music industry we provide 24/7 interaction with the lecturers & fellow students at the breathtaking location of Casino Baden/Austria, close to Vienna.

We love film music !

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International Film Scoring Summer Academy

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The image shows a portrait of orchestrator Conrad Pope looking happy and holding a partiture.

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CONRAD POPE has contributed to more than a hundred movies such as the “Star Wars” films, the “Harry Potter” series, “Indiana Jones”“Pirates of the Caribbean”“The Hobbit”“Jurassic Park” and the “Matrix” films.

With a wide ranged experience in the cinematic spectrum, he is one of Hollywood´s most in-demand orchestrators. His rare musical skills will give you an insight into valuable lessons to learn.

Conrad Pope is an icon in the film industry as he collaborates with Hollywood´s most famous film composers. On his career path he worked with John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Alexandre Desplat, James Horner and Howard Shore among many others.


The image shows a portrait of orchestrator Conrad Pope looking happy and holding a partiture.

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Grammy-winning arranger NAN SCHWARTZ  is known for her countless memorable scores for television series and films.

With awards ranging from a Grammy for her elegant and sophisticated arrangement of Here’s That Rainy Day” for Natalie Cole and numerous arranging credits for artists Ray Charles, opera singer/crossover artist Thomas Quastoff, and trumpeter Till Brönner among others, she is widely known across the world of music.

In addition, she benefits from many commissions in the songwriting field including the Emmy-nominated “All The Days”, collaborations with the iconic lyricist Paul Williams.


Mark Watters

Date & Course details soon to follow !

Director, Beal Institute for Film Music and Contemporary Media, Associate Professor of Contemporary Media & Film Composition


Six-time Emmy Award-winning composer and conductor Mark Watters’ vast resume includes music for motion pictures, television, DVD, video games, and special events such as the Olympics. In addition to serving as director of the Beal Institute, Mark oversees Eastman’s newly established Master of Music degree in Contemporary Media/Film Composition and teaches graduate courses.



Steve & Juie Bernstein, Hollywood Music Workshop, Animaniacs

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Julie Bernstein has been nominated for two Annie Awards and 18 Emmys, winning four Emmys for her work on Animaniacs and Histeria! & the 1996 Network Award for Music Package/Sound Design as arranger and orchestrator of  “Crazy Careers.

She was nominated for an Hollywood Music in Media Award (HMMA), semi-finalist for The American Prize in the Chamber Music category.Collaborations with her husband Steve Bernstein include a.o. orchestrations for the stage production Animaniacs Live! & her concert music “Snapshots, commissioned by the Young Musicians Foundation for YMF’s “Living the Legacy” award.


Steve & Juie Bernstein, Hollywood Music Workshop, Animaniacs

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Over a long career as a composer, arranger, and orchestrator, his credits include composing the scores for “Wish”, “Once Upon a Studio”, “Brother Bear 2” and “Tarzan 2”. He is also a highly regarded song arranger and orchestrater, having crafted the songs for many films, including the Academy Award winning “Frozen”, “Tarzan”, “Frozen 2”, “Moana”, “Wish”, and “Spirited”.
Dave uses his extensive knowledge and love of the many timbres of the orchestra, guitars, choir, percussion, and synthesizers to create inspiring scores. He has complete command of the modern cinematic orchestra, having developed an expansive, melodic style. Technically skilled, he is able to compose with muscular strength, delicate beauty, and all points in between.


The image shows a portrait of orchestrator Conrad Pope looking happy and holding a partiture.

(date & course details soon to follow)

Univ.-Prof., FRSA, Beethoven X AI Symphony, Intel audio branding, MYTHOS MOZART Immersive Experience, Los Angeles, California, USA

Walter Werzowa created and produced award-winning music & sound design for global brands, such as Intel, Disney, and BMG Chrysalis, as well as for films, commercials, and trailers and also founded and owned several successful music companies offering cutting-edge music production, licensing, and therapy solutions. Walter received a degree in Modern Electronic Music from the University of Vienna before attending the post-graduate program for film and television scoring at the University of Southern California. For one year he was scoring trailers for the Walt Disney Company.

About our classes

  • “Learn from the best!”
  • Daily 6-hour film music courses in a focused work environment.
  • Interact and receive assignments as well as professional feedback.
  • Benefit from immediate personal interaction with the best film scoring professionals.
  • Establish possible future business relations and connections with like-minded colleagues and fellow composers.
  • As a special bonus and depending on participants proficiency, private lessons are being offered to enrolled participants.
  • Become a part of the Hollywood Music Workshop networking.

Looking forward to welcoming you at the Film Scoring Summer Academy 2024 in Baden, near Vienna !

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