CONGRATULATIONS to our renowed faculty member GARRY SCHYMAN ( “Composing for Video Games”) for adding a new score to his impressive list of successful compositions !

His latest score “Forspoken”(for Square Enix games) will be a major AAA game release on May 24th, 2022.

Stay tuned !


Hollywood Music Workshop wishes to sincerely congratulate our alumnus, Tuomas Nikkinen, for receiving the “Best Music” Tiantan Award at the 11th Beijing International Film Festival.

The recognition is for the feature “Any Day Now” (2020). We’d also like to congratulate two of our former participants, Mikki Rousi, who played guitar on the soundtrack, and Nick Bulavin, who helped with the arrangements.


We’re delighted to have played a small part in your musical journey !

Heartfelt congratulations from the HMW team !

HMW Summer Academy 2021 – Reviews

Nobody had a surprise by testing positive for Covid and thus interrupt the continuous flow of events such as masterclasses and the concert.
HMW staff led by our local event manager WALTER DREWES enforced all necessary and from the local authorities dictated safety measures so that a wonderfully pleasant evening with some of Hollywood’s finest tunes could take place in the great hall of Casino Baden.

Read more about 2021

Images of our highly anticipated and extremely successful
Aug. 20 in Baden, Austria.

General enthusiasm and a great time was had by all the participants, performers as well as sold out audience!

Celebrating our 10th anniversary with our beloved faculty member CONRAD POPE !

Latest IHFMW Masterclasses June 2021

Scheduled at June 4-6,2021  “Composing for Musical” was presented by GRAMMY Award winning and HMW faculty member NAN SCHWARTZ !
Scheduled at the JUNE 27-29, 2021 this highly creative topic was presented by EMMY nominated guest lecturer & renowned composer for documentaries MIRIAM CUTLER !

Listen to HMW faculty member

Joe Kraemer‘s soundtrack for

“Emily and the Magical Journey”

Release date April 30, 2021

Proud to share the latest project by HMW faculty-member NAN SCHWARTZ !


“In the wash” –  a musical composed by Nan Schwartz with lyrics by Lorraine Feather.and showcased in Paris 2019 at Theatre Marigny .
Enjoy this podcast produced by Kate Mishkin featuring narration by former HMW participant Jehan Stefan
Congratulations from HMW to a great piece of music !

Click to listen on Soundcloud ..

HMW is congratulating alumni Lorenzo Ferrero for his winning of a Latin Grammy!

We wish him all the best and continued success in his outstanding career!

New website of HMW Faculty member NAN SCHWARTZ ONLINE NOW !

Visit her improved and updated website, where you can find new music, videos, and latest news, including collaborations with lyricist Lorraine Feather on TWO new musicals, “In The Wash” and “The Grammarians.”
For those of you curious about the music, here’s a podcast showcasing songs from “In The Wash.

Holiday Celebrations 2020 on Zoom

Hollywood Music Workshop celebrated on Saturday Dec. 19 via Zoom with all of our faculty and many of our past, present and future alumni the ongoing Holiday Season! We looked back at some rare highlights of this past extraordinary year, talked about future plans for the Workshop and cherished the camaraderie of film music enthusiasts from all over the globe.
We’re very thankful to have welcomed over 90 participants during yesterday’s Holiday Celebration event. A warm thank you to John Lunn , Garry Schyman, Jo Wallfisch, Roman Kariolou, Joe Kraemer, Nan Schwartz and Conrad Pope!


Merry Christmas, a Happy, successful New Year & foremost – stay safe !
Hope to see you all in 2021 !

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