Shared Sessions

HOLLYWOOD MUSIC WORKSHOP is offering shared sessions of the highest top quality with Austrias best musicians.

For all of our past and current and future friends, participants and active composers of HMW:

We are offering this incredible opportunity to professionally record one or several of your compositions in a 50 min time slot at a fraction of what a total session would cost. The sessions would be subdivded into three or four project hours of which 50 min recording time plus 10 min of break time. 

The musicians for these sessions would be personally hand picked by Dimitrie Leivici, workshop director and concert master with 42 years experience of recording in Hollywood in order to accommodate the required performance level at these scoring sessions.

Synchron Stage, where these sessions will take place is world renowned to be probably to be the best accousticly qualified room for recordings of the most demanding nature.To find the exact costs and prices for your required needs

First Recording Session under Shared Sessions: February 20th with an orchestra consisting of 50 musicians.

The resulting product of your session will be a highly professional recording, which will belong SOLELY to you! You will have the right to use it for any purpose and anyway you wish. This is in contrast to the HMW summer session which are only for educational purposes and cannot be used as a professional tool (as a finished product for movies, jingles or any other sound recordings).

Session Costs:

1 hour 50 musicians: 2.500 Euros

1 hour Synchron Stage: 1500 Euros 

During your hour you can also overdub as often as you wish.

Each hour consists of 50 min work and recording time and a 10 min break.

Conductor: 360 Euros   /  Mixer: 600 Euros /  Pro Tools Operator : 540 Euros


The resulting cost for your hour will be 4.500.– Euros.

You may also select more than an hour or even all three hours in which case you would multiply the single hour cost by the required hours you need.

In order for the session to take place a minimum of three hours or three participants (each one hour) is required.

Please feel free to contact us here at HMW if you have any further questions.

Please send an email to:

The next available studio date is February 20 !