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Dimitrie J. Leivici

Nan Schwartz

Anne Kathrin Dern

Garry Schyman

John Lunn

Casino Baden

Baden bei Wien

White Bear Public Relations

MG Sound

Varese Sarabande

Forum Filmmusik

American Federation of Musicians

Roman Kariolou

Chris Walden

Miriam Cutler

Cris Velasco

Thomas Chase Jones

Jens Schliecker


Radio Stephansdom

Vienna Symphonic Library

Thank you Conrad Pope for all your wisdom during these invaluable weeks!

Martino Scovacricchi


There aren’t many workshops led by real professionels who still stay on the ground, support their students and give you the feeling that everything is possible. The HMW is the best I’ve ever been at.

Leon Stanek


Off to North Wales after two fantastic weeks with film music!

Alex Palmer


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