Composing for Video Games with Garry Schyman

Scoring for Video Games

With Gary Schyman,  July 8 – 11

Learn how to compose for video games. Dive into composing for video games in this hands-on workshop. Learn some of the advanced techniques of writing music for this exciting genre.

Students will learn about video game music to include aesthetics and techniques for interactive scoring.  Student composers will utilize those techniques to compose several compositions that will be evaluated by the instructor. Mr. Schyman will analyze at least one of his scores in class and share his long experience working in LA on multiple games, films and television productions. Students will need to be familiar with at least one DAW such as Logic, Protools, Cubase or Digital Performer and be able to work with samples and synth plugins to produce their compositions “in the box”.

Composer Garry Schyman’s award-winning music can be heard in nearly every audio-visual media, including feature films, prime-time television, and video games. His haunting orchestral scores for the globally acclaimed video games BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite have earned him multiple awards, including top honors for Best Original Score from the British Academy of Film & Television (BAFTA) and the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences.

As one of the world’s most celebrated composers of video game music, Schyman is notable for his versatility of style and unique ability to fluidly draw from multiple eclectic sources of inspiration. He captured the fantasy world of Tolkien for the adventure game Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (nominated for a BAFTA award) and Middle-Earth: Shadow of War and paid playful homage to ’50s sci-fi with his score for the 2005 game Destroy All Humans! (followed by two sequels). He accelerated heartbeats with his thunderous orchestral scores in action games like Resistance: Retribution and Dante’s Inferno and gave a nod to the hypnotic style of Bernard Herrmann in the mystery game Voyeur. His most recent score for the virtual reality game Torn is set to be released Aug. 24, 2018 as a soundtrack on Varèse Sarabande Records.  

Schyman’s film and television credits include classic series like The A-Team and Magnum, P.I., stormy action (Tornado!), thrillers (Horseplayer, starring Brad Dourif), and family horror (Spooky House, starring Ben Kingsley). Whatever genre he is writing in, his music magnifies the mood or emotion of a scene with compelling melodies, evocative harmonies, and intricate arrangements. Schyman’s music is performed in concert by orchestras worldwide, and he has conducted and recorded his music at Abbey Road Studios in London, Sony Pictures Studios, Warner Brothers Eastwood Scoring Stage, and Fox Studio’s famed Newman Scoring Stage in Los Angeles.

When he’s not composing, Schyman teaches scoring part-time at the University of Southern California, his alma mater. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, son, and two cats. 

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