Film Scoring Workshop 2019

Our courses 2019

took place under the guidance of our esteemed faculty-members CONRAD POPE, NAN SCHWARTZ, JOE KRAEMER, JOHN LUNN & GARRY SCHYMAN.

One of our highlights was an intense & priceless Q & A session with JUNKIE XXL ( Thank you so much for your time JUNKIE XXL !!) during the Orchestration & Arranging course with CONRAD POPE & NAN SCHWARTZ.

The live-concert with JOHN LUNN (piano) dedicated to his wonderful music from “DOWNTON ABBEY” was an unforgetabble event presented by our beloved director LILO BELLOTTO & White Bear Promotion partner THOMAN MIKUSZ from USA.

Enjoy the visual impressions from 2019 starting with adorable NAN SCHWARTZ , CONRAD POPE & images from JUNKIE XXL followed by the preparations for the LIVE-REORDING with Joe KRAEMER & Conrad POPE & the rehearsals for the wonderful “DOWNTON ABBEY” concert.

Thank you so much everyone for participating, our faculty for sharing their priceless knowledge & the entire HMW team for working tirelessly to make it work !

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