Technical Director

Colja Belgium (chosen artist name) started to take classical piano lessons as a young boy. While he studied Mathematics and Physics in Goettingen in Germany he refined his piano play as a private student of a conservatory piano professor.

Colja’s passion has always been film music. He initially focused on the technical music production process and learned recording and mixing music at Audioworkshop, one of our partners – attending a variety of weekend classes.
He then deepened his knowledge by watching countless tutorials, reading books and articles – and by learning on the job. He also acquired some professional video production skills through similar routes.

When Colja joined the Hollywood Music Workshop as a student a few years ago he used his technical knowledge to help other students to prepare for the professional orchestral recording session.
That worked well – so he came back the following year to do this again, this time “officially”. And he also helped as a teaching assistant in the composition class.

He then joined the Hollywood Music Workshop Team as a full staff member in the role of the Technical Director.

He now also takes care of our website, most of the videos you see on the site and he hosts our webinars we do from time to time.
During the workshop itself he provides technical support to our teachers and plays a key role in preparing and conducting the orchestral recording session – which we took to a whole new level recording a full orchestra at the world class Synchron stage in Vienna.

Colja lives in Belgium (that is where is artist last name comes from), where he works as an IT business architect on enterprise level within the IT strategy department of one of the world’s biggest global corporations. He spends half of his time in the US in Houston where the global headquarter is located. His professional IT skills come in handy for his role as our Technical Director.

Colja is currently also continuing his studies in classical music composition and orchestration through self study and with some occasional support from various teachers. However, his demanding day job and his role as our Technical Director takes most of his time.