International Hollywood Music Workshop – Online


International Hollywood Film Music Workshop (IHFMW) is dedicated to meet the high demand for online workshops with renowned Hollywood film composers and other top music professionals related to the film scoring process.


IHFMW is an independent part of HMW-Hollywood Music Workshop.


“Workflow” – June17-19 with Anne-Kathrin DERN, 2022 on ZOOM


A wonderful opportunity for all of the participants to benefit from her immense knowledge, experience, and talents as an established top Hollywood composer!

Her friendly and encouraging approach to mentoring the students was a most welcome trait, which put everyone at ease.
Hollywood Music Workshop is proud to be able to present such high-caliber film music experts to a thankful and eager-to-learn audience, either as a live event like in Baden/Austria or via one of our numerous Zoom sessions!

“Brass Unwrapped” with Oscar SENÉN – May 13-15, 2022 on ZOOM

Happy and satisfied participants with appreciative smiles on their faces at the end of a highly intensive and active three-day Zoom session!

Most up to date information and thorough instructions provided by top Hollywood composer and one of the busiest orchestrators (Hans Zimmer’s score for the latest Bond feature) OSCAR SENÉN, who shared some of the most significant tools of the trade for a successful completion of a score during his recent HMW online masterclass Brass Unwrapped 2022!
As always, the usual INTERACTIVE approach seems to suit the needs of our international participants aside from our live workshop presentations during the summer months in Baden/Austria,

“Inspirational Scoring for Documentaries” with Miriam Cutler/ June 25-27, 2021

Three times Emmy-nominated composer Miriam Cutlers

work includes HBO, CNN, PBS, Sundance, Emmy, and Oscar nominated films:

” So inspiring !
With challenging assignments & many new, valuable perspectives on scoring & how to create the career you wish for ! Thank you Miriam !

 “CComposing for Musical” with NAN SCHWARTZ / June 4-6, 2021

‘Composing for Musical Theatre’ with our esteemed faculty member Nan Schwartz finished with a cheerful and inspirational vibe. Nan’s writing partner, Lorraine Feather visited the class to talk about lyric writing and her career in general.The participants had the opportunity to present and pitch their own musicals that they developed during the weekend, taking away great insights into how to approach song writing, lyric writing & the core of musical theatre.

A happy & highly motivated class at the end of an outstandingly creative weekend !

Brass Unwrapped” with Oscar Senen/ Feb. 26-28, 2021

At he end of this informative & intense, active three days of most up to date instructions with one of the top composers and busiest orchestrators, Hollywood’s Oscar Senén, who shared some of the most important tools for the successful completion of a score at our latest event: Oscar Senen – Brass “Unwrapped” – Informative & Interactive Masterclass Febr. 26 – 28, 2021 – on ZOOM  – “Indepth Writing & Exploring the Extreme”. As always, the usual INTERACTIVE approach seems to suit the international participants to their fullest satisfaction!

Very happy and satisfied faces from our participants coming from Germany, Austria, China, Spain, USA, South Korea, Ireland, Finland & Singapore at the end of Oscars IHFMW class !

“Great work !
Oscar is a very nice person
and it was amazing to attend
this event with you.”

“I’m very happy and grateful these classes are organised, so huge thanks to everybody at HMW making these happen.”

“I’d love to join you in Baden this summer, and will certainly join online if that isn’t viable yet.”

“I really appreciate how much additional time Oscar took well beyond the planned schedule.”

“Thank you Oscar! I really enjoyed the overall review of the Brass Instruments! Some of the knowledge were new to me! :) – I hope this kind of workshop happens more often. Hopefully, much broader audience to from all over the world ! “

“Songwriting & the Voice in Motion Picture & Beyond” with Joanna Wallfisch

October 24 & 25, 2020 !

Renowned artistic vocalist Jo Wallfisch was demonstrating her outstanding talents with a special song composed and performed live during her Zoom session for an international audience of highly motivated participants. Each of the participants were given their individual ”song prompt” and exactly an hour to write and demo a song for the whole class.Joanna herself took on the very same challenge and wrote this adorable love theme in just under 60 minutes !

“Outstanding experience providing deep insight into song-writing & understanding the functionality & possibilities of the human voice & how to transfer your imaginations as a composer to the session singer. Tons of fun in a relaxed & highly professional atmosphere. Thank you Joanna !”