Orchestration and Arranging

It s a privilege to salute Conrad Pope who holds a high place among the greatest musicians ever to work in film.

– John Williams

Conrad Pope is the master to learn from!
It is an absolute pleasure, honor and a truly great privilege to work with him.

– Hans Zimmer

She just killed me. Her arrangements are absolutely divine. She gives these songs such a visual sense, they come alive and really pull you in!
– Natalie Cole

God bless your heart!

Your chart is a masterpiece!

– Arturo Sandoval

Orchestration and Arranging

With Conrad Pope and Nan Schwartz


July 23-29, 2024 (incl. 1 day off)

Schedule: 10am-1pm / 3pm- 6pm CEST


This six day course will provide an insider’s look at “orchestration” of film music. From basic instrumentation to complete execution of a score, every step of writing professionally for an orchestra in today’s film world will be addressed.  The course will include an overview of all the instruments and instrumental families of today’s orchestra, their characteristics, their strong and weak points and how to use them effectively in an orchestration. Also determining the orchestra size for particular genres of scores as well as adapting to budgetary constraints will be discussed.

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You don’t need a large variety of professional sample libraries. Some basic libraries covering basic orchestral instruments will suffice. A good example would be the VSL special edition volume 1 or East West’s Quantum Leap orchestra.


Conrad Pope is one of the most respected and trusted musicians working today in Hollywood.

Composers such as John Williams, Alexandre Desplat, Jerry Goldsmith, Danny Elfman, James Horner and Howard Shore have all called upon his expertise as a one of the industry’s top orchestrators as well as his abilities as a conductor and score producer, making him one of the most “in demand” scoring professionals.

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Grammy winner, five-time Grammy nominee and seven-time Emmy nominee Nan Schwartz

is considered a pioneer for women composers & known for her outstandingly unique arrangements. Her family legacy includes a father who played with the Glenn Miller Orchestra and performed on nearly every Frank Sinatra recording, and a mother who performed such chart-topping hits as “Chicago” and “On the Sunny Side of the Street” for musical legend Tommy Dorsey before going on to work as a studio singer for Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Judy Garland, Henry Mancini, and Sonny and Cher, among others.

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