Univ. Production

with Walter WERZOWA

 August 5 – 8, 2024

Schedule: 10am-1pm / 3pm- 6pm CEST


This four-day course with AI specialist & EMMY Award winning Professor Walter Werzowa will provide a deep insider’s look at the “Production” of film music & provide you with the required understanding of the entire production process.

It begins with a spotting session, discussing the power and danger of temp music, how to present music to a director, how to take criticism and how to stay inspired if some things turn out different from how they were planned.

Walter Werzowa will also go through legal and contractional questions & how you can promote your work on social media.
On the last day, three musicians will be hired to play your score and your work and mix will be discussed.


Julila ans Steve Bernsetin, Creators of "Animaniacs"

“How can you defend your work? Even the best, like my teacher Jerry Goldsmith, had scores thrown out. Even Hans Zimmer had difficult moments; how you can maneuver through those taxing moments defines your creative career. How can you stay creative and motivated in a condensed production schedule? How do you plan your composing and demo track (midi orchestra) production? How do you find suitable musicians and helpers for your budget? How can you stay resourceful? What organizations will support and help you? “

Walter Werzowa


In this dynamic four-day course, participants will gain a comprehensive insight into film music production. The journey begins with an in-depth exploration of the production process, starting from the crucial spotting session. Key topics include the effective use of temp music, presenting compositions to directors, and handling critical feedback while maintaining creative inspiration.


  • Strategies for defending and standing by your work, learning from industry legends like
       Jerry Goldsmith and Hans Zimmer.
  • Techniques to stay creative and motivated within tight production timelines.
  • Planning and producing compositions and demo tracks (MIDI orchestra).
  •  Finding and collaborating with musicians and assistants within your budget.
  • Resourcefulness and leveraging support from industry organizations.
  • Navigating legal and contractual aspects in film music.
  • Convert midi session into readable music score.
  •  Tricks to work faster and more efficient.
  • Further understanding of DAW, Plug in, recording/mastering.

The course culminates in a hands-on experience where participants will collaborate with three professional musicians to bring their score to life. This session includes mixing and an in-depth discussion of the participant’s; work.

We will share a movie scene 2 weeks ahead of the program’s start, and you may start working on the assignment.
Hard/Software: Please bring your laptop with the DAW of your choice; we will concentrate on Logic X and Pro Tools.
Your notation software: i.e., Finale/Sibelius/Capella/Dorico/ and excitement

On the last day of the program, in the morning session, participants will record with three professional instrumentalists:
Violin, Flute & Percussionist
For this session, participants will prepare a written score and go through the process of getting from a good midi music representation into a notation program. Participants will prepare printed (paper music and compare it with the score reader (Newzik) features/advantages.

Monitor mix, film mix, and mastering tasks will be discussed in detail.

In our last session, we will wrap up presenting and defending our work and what to do next in our career.

Additionally, the course provides valuable insights on effectively promoting your work on social media platforms. This course is ideal for working and aspiring film composers and music producers seeking to deepen their understanding and skills in the realm of film music production.

AI specialist and award-winning composer Walter Werzowa …

… composed the most performed melody in audio branding: the Intel mnemonic, which accumulated an internal value of $ 7 Billion for the Intel Corporation. Walter composed with Beethoven! The Beethoven AI. X project rounded up a team of international scientists and Walter to finish Beethoven’s X symphony with the help of AI. The project gained € 1 Billion in earned media for the sponsor Deutsche Telekom. Robby Williams turned to collaborate on his hit, the rerelease Angels (Beethoven AI).

Over the last 30 years, Walter has been been working with Steven Spielberg, Wim Wenders, and the like, learned about the most essential tools: persistence, joy, excitement, openness to learning every day, being part psychologist/ambassador, and “different”.
As a professor at mdw University of Music and Performing Arts, he constanly inspires film composer to tap into the tangible and non-tangible tools.

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