The Journey from Orchestration to Composition

composer of Disney’s “WISH”

July 13 – 16, 2024

Schedule: 10am-1pm / 3pm- 6pm CEST


Embark on an inspiring musical journey with composer and orchestrator Dave Metzger’s Masterclass: “The Journey from Orchestration to Composition”.

This immersive in-person experience offers a rare insight into the acclaimed composer’s creative process, guiding you through essential aspects of film composing like mockup mastery, orchestration, the creative journey from idea to final score, workflow, and navigating the competitive film music industry.

Elevate your skills and secure your spot now for an exclusive in-person masterclass, gaining insider knowledge from Dave Metzger, composer of Disney’s WISH, a seasoned professional who will set you on the path to success in the dynamic world of film scoring.



* Mastering Mockups & Workflow Efficiency
Renowned for his industry-leading efficiency, Dave unveils the intricacies of his streamlined process, showcasing the setup of his writing template and the creation of compositional and song arrangement mockups. Gain firsthand insights into his innovative use of controllers and shortcuts, witnessing how these tools significantly enhance workflow speed. Elevate your skills by learning the secrets behind Dave’s success in maximizing creative output through mastering mockups and refining workflow efficiency.


* Score Study & Analysis
Experience an engaging and inspiring exploration of studying scores and analyzing compositions. Delve into the intricate details of Dave’s charts to uncover the art and science behind the magic woven into each composition, arrangement, and orchestration. Gain profound insights into the nuances that make Dave’s work exceptional.


* The Creative Process – From Orchestration to Composition
Gain deep insights into Dave’s creative process, especially when facing tight deadlines. Explore his methods for crafting melodies, generating ideas, and delve into the technical aspects of writing for film. Navigate collaborative dynamics with a focus on orchestration and composition in the world of film composition.

 * Navigating the Industry – Career Insights
Receive a comprehensive overview of the film industry from Dave Metzger’s experienced perspective. Explore valuable insights into finding a job, advancing your career, and employing effective strategies for navigating the competitive landscape of film composition. Benefit from Dave’s wealth of experience as you chart your course in the world of film music.



The in-class assignment offers participants the opportunity to write, adapt, or orchestrate music for a selected scene. Participants can opt to create an original composition, adapt existing music from a piano guide track based on Dave’s themes, or orchestrate music based on Dave’s mockup of the scene. Whether you are a composer, an arranger, or an orchestrator, this unique and rare opportunity allows you to tailor the assignment to your skill set and interests.

Furthermore, participants have the option to bring their own scenes to the class for feedback from Dave. Kindly contact the Hollywood Music Workshop staff to inform us of the scenes you would like to work on during the masterclass.

The in-class assignment is an optional opportunity for participants to further apply and showcase their skills, providing an additional layer to the learning experience.

Seize the chance to learn from the master of film music and enroll in Dave Metzger’s HMW-only Masterclass: ‘The Journey from Orchestration to Composition.


5-times GRAMMY Award-winning composer Dave Metzger..

…brings passion, experience, and craftsmanship to enhance every film that he works on. He uses his extensive knowledge and love of the many timbres of the orchestra, guitars, choir, percussion, and synthesizers to create inspiring scores. He has complete command of the modern cinematic orchestra, having developed an expansive, melodic style. Technically skilled, he is able to compose with muscular strength, delicate beauty, and all points in between.

Over a long career as a composer, arranger, and orchestrator, his credits include composing the scores for “Wish”, “Once Upon a Studio”, “Brother Bear 2” and “Tarzan 2”.

He is also a highly regarded song arranger and orchestrater, having crafted the songs for many films, including the Academy Award winning “Frozen”, “Tarzan”, “Frozen 2”, “Moana”, “Wish”, and “Spirited”. Many of the songs, film soundtracks and Broadway cast albums that Dave has worked on have won Academy, Grammy, and Tony Awards – among them “Let It Go” from “Frozen”, “How Far I’ll Go” from “Moana”, “You’ll Be In My Heart” from “Tarzan”, the “Tarzan” and “Frozen” soundtracks, and the cast album from “The Lion King”.


In the world of theatre, Dave was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Orchestrations for the Tony winning “The Lion King”. He also orchestrated the Broadway version of “Frozen”.Along with having worked on 11 of the 62 Disney Animated films ever produced, Dave has also worked for studios as diverse as Apple Original Films, Marvel, Sony, DreamWorks, Paramount, and Warner Brothers.

Dave has a reputation for being very friendly and easy to work with. He is extremely organized, always meets deadlines, and never creates drama (aside from what you hear on screen). He is very respectful of, and is in turn well-liked, by the directors, producers, and musicians with whom he collaborates.



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