Composers’ Conducting Immersion

Composers’ Conducting



Date: June 4 – 7 (Tuesday – Friday)

Schedule: 10-1:00 / 2-5:00 PDT


The Composers’ Conducting Immersion
course will be a comprehensive four day course focused on the core fundamentals of conducting. Participants will also learn the comprehensive skills needed to conduct confidently, clearly and musically in recording sessions, rehearsals and on the concert stage.

Through active participation, conductors will learn to:

*Develop baton grip and body posture that is both commanding and relaxed.

*Effectively utilize the techniques of legato, staccato, rebound, pendulum, ictus, breath, preparatory beats, fermatas, cutoffs, ritardando and accelerando gestures.

*Develop gestures and independence for both right and left hands.

*Conduct with and without a baton in both orchestral and a choral settings and understand the technical differences required for both.

*Navigate and conduct mixed meters.

*Conduct with click tracks that use punches and streamers.

*Conduct expressively and retain musicality when conducting to click.

*Score scan, mark scores and develop an individual notational language.

*Effectively prepare mentally and physically for a conducting session or rehearsal.

*Conduct every size of ensemble, from a string quartet to an 95 piece orchestra.

*Time manage an orchestra rehearsal using a timed rehearsal plan.

*Effectively communicate verbally with orchestra musicians.

*Recognize the impact of podium, rehearsal and stage etiquette.

*Understand union stage rules and what that means for a conductor.

*Work effectively with orchestra contractors, stage hands, and the team in the booth.

Each participant will conduct live musicians daily. The 2023 course will use all new music with live musicians.

GRAMMY Award winning Conductor AMY ANDERSSON

has toured to over twenty-two countries conducting operatic, symphonic, and video game repertoire. Appearances on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, CBS Morning News, CBS Evening News and press coverage in the Wall Street Journal, Variety, Forbes, and Huffington Post led music critic Norman Lebrecht to call her “America’s most watched symphony orchestra conductor.”

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