Composing for Film

Composing for Film

With Thomas Newman


Date: June 14 -15, 2024

Schedule: 1pm -6pm PDT


Participants in the seminar will be divided into two groups: active and passive.

We have reached our maximum enrollment of Active Participants for this course. Enrollment for Passive Participation is still available.

A limited number of active participants will share their assignment results with the class, receiving constructive feedback from Mr. Newman.

Passive participants can observe and listen without interacting during the class.

Active participants are expected to have a level of proficiency that will meet Mr. Newman’s standards.

The first day will start with a lecture by Mr. Newman, where he will share his work and examples, with opportunities for questions. At the end of the day, active participants will be given an assignment to write music for a film clip.

The second day will take on a seminar format, with Mr. Newman providing critique and facilitating discussion of the assignment results.

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Thomas Newman is widely acclaimed

as one of today’s most prominent composers for film. He has composed for more than eighty motion pictures and television series and has earned fifteen Academy Award nominations, one Emmy Award, and six Grammy Awards. He is the youngest son of Alfred Newman, the longtime musical director of 20th Century Fox. He studied at the University of Southern California and Yale University, and was mentored by legendary Broadway composer Stephen Sondheim.

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